Sometimes all it takes is knowing that you have someone to report to every week to keep you on track.

At other times, you really need an expert to help you sort through all of the confusing (and conflicting) information about nutrition and lifestyle.

And just as often, having someone who can relate to your cravings, to your food-sabotaging friends and family and to your emotional eating patterns is the key to finally creating YOUR healthy lifestyle.

I have worked with clients who needed just a few weeks of support to get back on track and take their health to the next level and I have also worked with people who chose to begin a complete lifestyle overhaul that had us working together for a year or more.

Having my support means facing the trials of life that stand between you and the health you want, together. And that is often the difference between falling off the rails again and staying on track for a lifetime.

Creating a lifetsyle that you LOVE is a skill that takes practice. I will show you exactly how it's done and how to keep committed in a way that is simple and fun.

I believe that a life of deprivation is not sustainable. And a future full of workouts that you hate is just never going to last.

I believe so deeply that you need to create a lifestyle that you love, that includes your most important indulgences on occasion, while offering you the most nutritious foods and activity that you enjoy the vast majority of the time.

I will support you to build your diet (meaning 'the food that you eat') around healthy servings of vegetables, meat, eggs, fruit, nuts, seeds and dairy if you tolerate it. My recommendations result in a nutrient dense diet that is naturally lower in carbohydrates, and moderate in protein and fats. 

If you have ever tried to learn a new skill, I am willing to bet that you had a mentor or teacher. Think back to a time that you made a commitment to yourself and told someone about it. The pressure was on because someone else was holding you accountable. And, it was just more fun than doing it alone.

Accountability leads to success.

And that is what I specialize in doing: Helping you create a lifestyle that you LOVE and that you can sustain.

And it all starts with The Strategy Session.






This is your opportunity to FINALLY put the focus on YOU.

The Strategy Session gives you 90 minutes with me over Facetime or phone to identify your most important personal challenges and steps that YOU need to take to create a healthy lifestyle that you LOVE and that you can easily stick to. 

We may talk about food choices, portions, meal planning, meal prep, emotional eating, hormones, supplements and lifestyle factors that will support you to be your best self. The call will be personalized based on an information package you will fill out and send to me before the call.

Once you have completed the Strategy Session you become eligible for one of the weekly programs of 4, 8 or 12 weeks.




You then become eligible to enter into one of my Ongoing Accountability Programs where you continue to receive ongoing 1-on-1 weekly support in order to gradually implement and improve on the action steps that you and I have created in your Strategy Session. The ongoing accountability programs range from 4-12 weeks.

To learn more about these programs  CLICK HERE.




Once you complete weekly coaching program you are then eligible to contiue with the Monthly Graduates Accountability Calls. We will speak once a month for 40 minutes to discuss your challenges and set new action steps for the month ahead.



"There is so much conflicting information out there on food and nutrition. The knowledge that I have gained from working Kristin in her program wil stay with me for my lifetime. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in living with health as the norm!" -Nancy G.


"Throughout the process, Kristin was professional, kind in her approach, enthusiastic and extremely supportive whether via email or on our calls. I gained much more than an eating plan. With her help and in just 4 weeks of working with her I have seen great improvements in my digestive system, my skin, my mood and energy levels. I now have really useful tools and strategies to provide healthy meals for my family." Amber N.
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 Diamondview Photography by Emily Wetzstein)


"Working with Kristin is the most important health decision I have made in the last 20 years. I have gone from floundering to thriving. I've dramatically increased my energy levels, lost weight, increased strength and most importantly, deepened my connection with my family." -John C.


I believe that health and happiness come from a strong foundation that is built on a healthy relationship with food, simple daily action steps that support your health (not quick-fix, crash diets) and most importantly, having a lifestyle that you absolutely love taking part in.
I work with people who desperately want to be living a healthy lifestyle that they love without feeling like it is a full time job.
I help you get exactly what you want (which is likely to have more energy, to focus on what actually brings you joy (instead of worrying about your health and what you are eating) and to love what you see when you look in the mirror.
When you work with me, we will create a plan that is unique to you, that you can sustain on a daily basis....and is one that you LOVE.