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Guest Appearance: The Fulfilled Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Shawna Dingman who created The Fulfilled Podcast.

She¬†interviews successful moms who are in business and she discusses the strategies that we use to stay on top…of everything.

In our interview we talked about

  • the importance of creating a life vision (how to make one and the risks of not having one).
  • We talked about meal prep (what it is, how you can make it work in your life and how it will change your life…and save you 7-10 hours a week).
  • We also talked about how to get the kids to have a vision¬†and get involved in meal prep.

And here is the link to that Meal Prep Video we talked about!

It was a privilege to be on the podcast. I hope you enjoy it.

Listen here and enjoy!

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