Take the Stress out of What's for Dinner for the next 28 Days

4 weeks of By Design, Paleo friendly recipes, meal plans and grocery lists to save you time.

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We wanted to create a cookbook that you would actually use...

One that will be your go-to when off track foods are tempting you...

One that will be your go-to when back to school season starts and suddenly you have four lunches to pack and not just one...

One that will be your go-to when your in-laws come over for dinner and you're determined not to let them convince you of making unhealthy choices...

One that you can use every single day of the week. One that will please everyone in your family (husbands and picky kids included!)

Because what's the point in owning a cookbook that has lots of pretty pictures and mouthwatering recipes if the people you're cooking for aren't excited to enjoy it with you?

In addition to brand new recipes that you've never seen before, we've included our most popular online recipes, including N'Oatmeal, Terra Cotta Beef Stew, Slow Cooker Pulled Pork with By Design Barbecue Sauce, and Chocolate Avocado Pudding. 

The best part?

We've fully equipped the online cookbook in the form of a 4-week meal plan.

What that means is that you don't need to think about what's for breakfast, lunch or dinner every single day for the next month (and then you can reuse it forever!)

We've done that for you.

Because Eating By Design is a strategy to fuel your life, not a diet. And meal time should be enjoyed with the people you love, not found stressful.



28 days of meal plans made with real food

minimum prep

Meal Prep Instructions

Each week’s plan gets you ahead of the game with meal prep suggestions


From the pantry

Uses ingredients you have in your pantry or stock up with our grocery lists

Don’t wait, maximize your meal prep today.

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