7 healthy take out options

7 Healthy Take Out Options

Let’s face it. Sometimes you are going to choose to eat take out.

Whether you are short on time, out shopping and starved, on a road trip or spending some quality time with friends, I want you to know which healthy take out options are actually decent, healthy options…

Although I have yet to come across perfect take out…gluten free, grain free take out that is loaded with meat and veggies does exist!

The three issues that you are going to have a hard time overcoming when you are looking for healthy take out are

  1. The quality of the meat
  2. The quality and type of cooking oils.
  3. Any unfavourable additives in the spicing.

And because you want your food fast, asking them to cook everything in butter instead of vegetable oil is not ideal (but you can sometimes swing that at a sit down restaurant).

And not disappoint but hoping that they have grass fed beef or pastured chicken is likely futile…

So those are consequences that you will have to be willing to accept if you are going to indulge in a little fast food convenience but if you take the time to search out one of the options below you will minimize the impact of a little take out indulgence.

Here are my top seven favourite take out options:

  1. Mucho Burrito 2. Chipotle 3. Quesada

At any of these restaurants you can order a burrito bowl. It is essentially a burrito without the wrap.

You get a big bowl of meat with peppers, onions, pico, salsa, guacamole, cheese and sour cream…and let me tell you, it is delicioso!

If you are super hungry, order double the meat. Yes, you will have to pay a surcharge but it is well worth it to have a satisfied belly.

  1. Pita Pit

Pita Pit does up some mean pita action.

They have fresh veggies and sauces and you can top your pita with whatever yummy cucumbers, sprouts, olives, cheeses, lettuce etc. that you like. And you can have them grill it all up so that you can have a warm meal, which is always great.

“But it’s a pita?” you must be thinking. Well, no… What you do is ask for it “fork style.” They will put it into a bowl for you on a bed of lettuce.

Again, you may want to ask about doubling up some toppings or meat and the only downfall is that they charge you extra not to have the pita (which I find a little weird)…but again, it’s worth it.

  1. Five Guys

Five Guys is the one place that I know that I can get a good sized, juicy burger with all the toppings I could ask for and have them wrap it in lettuce in a way that I can actually pick it up to eat it.

I am telling you, a Five Guys lettuce wrapped burger is well worth the indulgence.

The only downfall is that they do not have any ideal sides. If you want more than a burger, your only option is fries…or poutine:-).

And you could argue that they are only potatoes…but they are deep fried in unhealthy oils.

  1. Shawarma Salad

Lebanese Shawarma meat….it’s just so tasty.

At one of my favourite locations they have chicken and lamb while others have beef.

I love to get a mixed meat Shawarma salad with double the meat (which is usually enough to share). And of course, as part of the indulgence I get the toum (that utterly delicious, creamy garlic sauce) and I spread it all over the salad. I also usually get some sesame dressing on the salad.

I pass on the rice and other fried sides, although I wouldn’t put it past myself to get a side of those fried potatoes as an indulgence..and accept the consequences.

  1. Farm Boy and Whole Foods prepared meals

These two grocery stores have so many fresh, healthy options. “fresh greens and soups, grilled proteins and an array of hot and tasty meals” as the Farm Boy website says.

And whereas Farm Boy meals have no preservatives, Whole Foods has no preservatives or artificial flavours.

Both stores have some of the healthiest take out options you could ask for.

So, if you are in a bind or you just know that you are getting take out today, try one of the restaurants mentioned above. None of them are perfect in respect to food quality but they still offer nutrients that come from meat and veggies, which is what you should be looking for if you are trying to build or maintain good health.

Am I missing any great take out restaurants? Comment below so that we can all expand our horizons.

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